Version: July 2022


Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be the Far West Golf Association of the Deaf (FWGAD). FWGAD shall be a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.

Article II - Purpose

The purpose of this association shall be:

  • To promote Deaf adults to participate in playing golf for pleasure and experience the competition in tournament play.
  • To have an annual tournament for the membership in the following states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.
  • To provide the membership a forum for socialization, sharing ideas and activities  to benefit the deaf community as a whole.

Article III - Membership

Section 1: Eligibility

Membership is open to all deaf and hard of hearing men and women; the minimum age of membership shall be 18 years old.

Section 2: Privilege

Paid membership gives each member a right to participate and vote at the annual general meeting; eligible to serve as an elected officer and all other standing committees; eligible to play and win prize(s) in the annual tournament.

Section 3: Suspension, Expulsion, and Rights

Any member may be suspended or expelled from the rights and privileges of his/her membership if such act warranted by FWGAD.

Article IV - Entry Fees, Dues, and Refund

Section 1: Membership

Members shall determine membership due and prize fee by majority vote.

Section 2: Entry Fee

The entry fee shall include:

A. Membership due;
B. Registration fee;
C. Green Fees (course and cart);
D. Prize Fee;
E. Banquet fee.

Section 3: Refund

  1. The host of the annual tournament shall establish a refund policy subject to FWGAD Boards approval. A refund policy will be posted on FWGADs website under the registration section.
  2. If any member withdraws or is disqualified during the tournament, he/she is ineligible to receive any prizes, except those that were given previously.
  3. If any member withdraws or is disqualified during the tournament, he/she is ineligible for a refund on the prize fee, membership due, and registration fee.
  4. Registered golfer shall receive a full refund except for the following conditions which may result in partial or no refund:

a. Membership dues - Full refund is applied until the first day of the tournament. After that, there shall be no refund.
b. Registration Fee - Full refund is applied until three days before the first day of the tournament. After that, there shall be no refund.
c. Green fees - The hosts contractual agreement with the golf club will determine the deadline a registered golfer will receive a full refund. After the deadline, the host will state the specifics of what the registered golfer will receive partial or no refund.
d. Prize Fee - Full refund is applied until the first day of the tournament. After that, there shall be no refund.
e. For all other fees that are not listed under Article IV, Section 2 the host shall determine the refund subject to approval from FWGAD Board.

Article V - Officers

Section 1: Composition

The composition of FWGAD Board shall include:

A. President
B. Tournament Director
C. Secretary
D. Treasurer

Section 2: Term

A. Elections for President and Secretary shall be in even numbered years. The Tournament Director and Treasurer shall be on odd numbered years.
B. Newly elected officers the term shall begin on the 1st day in January following the  election.

Section 3: Nominations

A. Secretary shall make an announcement of election by emailing all members three months prior to the General Meeting.
B. Interested candidates shall inform the Secretary of his or her intention to run in one of the office positions two weeks prior to the General Meeting.
C. Secretary shall email to members one week prior to the General Meeting the list of candidates who are interested in serving as officer.
D. Members may nominate any other interested candidate from floor during the  General meeting.

Section 4: Votes

A. Each member is required to be in attendance at the general meeting in order  to vote for office positions.
B. Majority of votes shall determine the winner.

Section 5: Election

A. Election shall be held at the Annual General Meeting.

Section 6: Remuneration

A. Expenses for the FWGAD Board shall be reimbursed from FWGAD treasury related activities as deemed necessary.

Article VI - Duties of Officers

Section 1: President

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association, shall be the conduit for all business or contacts with outside agencies, shall be in charge of the Executive Board and Council of Representatives meetings, shall appoint all committees, shall be the person in charge of the Adjudicating Committee.

Section 2: Tournament Director

The Tournament Director (TD) shall work in close with the President. In absence of the President, the TD shall assume the Presidents role during the duration. He shall be assigned to coordinate, lead, and oversee the tournament planning. He shall serve as chairperson of scoring, grouping, handicap, and prize distribution committees. He shall work closely with Statistician to ensure all results are recorded in FWGADs files. 

Section 3: Secretary

The Secretary shall maintain an updated annual membership list, send out announcements and approve the entry forms. He shall answer mail or email within seven (7) days and keep the President fully informed on all official correspondence by sending him copies of all communications. He shall record the minutes of all official Executive Board and Council of Representatives, general and special meetings of this association. He shall serve as chairperson of the Law Committee. He shall serve as chairperson of the nomination committee. He shall be responsible for sending out information about upcoming or related FWGAD events to members, FWGAD website and social media.

Section 4: Treasurer

The Treasurer shall pay all invoices and bills only upon warrants signed by the President. He shall keep an itemized account of all receipts and  disbursements and submit financial reports at all Executive Board and general meetings. He shall collect all membership dues, registration fees, entry fees and any other monies payable to the association. All financial reports prepared by the Treasurer are subject to an audit by the Audit Committee prior to the annual meeting. He shall make himself available to answer any questions, if any, from the auditing committee. 

Article VII - Council of Representatives

Section 1: Composition

The composition of Council of Representatives (COR) shall include:

A. FWGAD President
B. FWGAD Tournament Director
C. FWGAD Secretary
D. FWGAD Treasurer
E. Chairperson of current tournament
F. Chairperson of next years tournament
G. Director of Social Media/Website
H. Chairperson of Hall of Fame
I. FWGAD Handicapper
J. Club Affiliation Representatives (2 from each club)

Section 2: Function

The main functions are to assist FWGAD during the tournament week and to share perspectives about various issues. The COR may:

A. Refer to FWGAD Executive Board for further action;
B. Submit proposal(s) to members at the general meeting for consideration and vote;
C. Make a recommendation to members at the general meeting for future hosts by  one of affiliated club members;
D. May serve on:

a. Adjudicating Committee
b. Audit Committee
c. Prize Distribution Committee
d. Scoring/Pairing/Handicap

Article VIII - Committees


President shall appoint 3 members from the COR to serve on the audit committee to review the financial records after the fiscal year closes. Auditing committee shall verify the accuracy with signatures.

Hall of Fame

President shall appoint Chairperson and the composition shall be determined by guideline under Appendix C.


Tournament Director shall oversee the committee who will assist with tournaments scoring, pairing, and prize distribution. Members shall be picked to serve on the committee during the tournament week.


President shall appoint Chairperson to take care of scorecards and handicap index for all golfers who played in FWGAD Tournament. Members shall serve on committee during the tournament week.


Secretary shall serve as chairperson with two members serving on the Law committee. 

Social Media and Website

Director shall be responsible for operating website and social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other media outlet about FWGAD Tournament and any golf related subject.


President shall serve as chairperson with 2 selected members to form an adjudicating committee to deal with conflicts or disputes during the tournament week.

Article IX - Club Affiliation

Section 1: Definition

An affiliated club shall have the privilege to host a FWGAD annual tournament; shall serve as representative to COR; shall, as a member of 501(c) 3 organization, receive support from FWGAD for fundraising purposes.

Section 2: Composition

Two representatives per affiliated club shall serve on the  Council of Representatives.

Section 3: Dues

Each club shall pay a fee for annual Club Affiliation, which the starting date will be January 1st of each year.

Section 3: Club Affiliation Fee

The Council of Representatives shall make a  recommendation to the members for the Annual Club Affiliation Fee at the General  Meeting and is subject to approval by majority.

Article X - Quorum

Section 1: General Meeting

Fifty percent (50%) of the current membership of this organization shall constitute a quorum for the general and special membership meetings.

Article XI - Meetings

Section 1: Council of Representatives Meeting

COR shall meet on the day prior to the tournament from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Section 2: Open Forum

FWGAD Executive Board shall have an open forum between 6 pm and 8 pm on the day prior to the tournament for members who wish to participate in discussion on various issues. Updating on USGA, tournament, and local rules will be shared. Open Forum is an optional meeting for members and no vote will take place.

Section 3: General Meeting

General Meeting shall take place on 1st day of the annual tournament anytime between 3 pm and 8 pm.

Section 4: Order of business

The order of business of annual General Meeting shall  be as follows:

    1. Call to order
    2. Roll Call
    3. Reading of the minutes
    4. Presidents report
    5. Tournament Directors report
    6. Secretarys report
    7. Treasurers report
    8. Committeesreport
    9. Unfinished business
    10. New Business
    11. Selection of FWGAD tournament site
    12. Election of officers
    13. Necrology
    14. Adjournment

Section 5: Parliamentarian

President shall appoint a qualified member to serve as  Parliamentarian for the General Meeting and Special Meeting if any.

Section 6: Oath

a. All elected officers before entering upon their duties, shall subscribe to the  following obligation: I, _____________, hereby pledge to perform to the best of my ability the duties of the offices to which I was elected, and to uphold the Bylaws of the FWGAD.”
b. New officers' appointments shall be made during the banquet.

Section 7: Amendments

a. Amendments to the Bylaws shall be two-thirds (2/3) vote of members present at  the annual meeting.
b. Members may propose changes in the Bylaws during new business at the annual  meeting, which shall be referred to the Law Committee for action at the next annual meeting.
c. All approved changes to the Bylaws, take effect at the next FWGAD Tournament.

Article XII - Standing Rules

Section 1: Responsibility

Executive Board shall be responsible for maintaining the Standing Rules.

Section 2: Revision and Approval

Members at the general meeting shall approve any revision or new rules. Majority vote shall prevail.

Section 3: Appendix A

Standing Rules shall be defined in Appendix A under By-laws.

Article XIII - Bank Accounts

Section 1: Bank

FWGAD is required to have an account with FDIC approved bank for business transactions. No money shall be deposited in a personal account. Financial records shall be shared with FWGAD Executive Board every quarter of fiscal year, which is from January 1st to December 31st.

Section 2: Authority

Treasurer is authorized account holder with one of other FWGAD Executive Board members serving as second authorized account holder.

Section 3: Audit

At the end of fiscal year the Audit Committee shall audit the financial report and verify the accuracy.

Article XIV - Annual Tournament and Host

Section 1: Date and Bidding Procedure

The annual golf tournament of this association shall be held during the week of the third Tuesday in July. Bids for the tournament must be made four (4) years in advance. Only golf clubs from the states listed under Article II are eligible to host the annual tournament. In order for the membership to consider a site, two (2) or more members from the affiliated club must be present at the meeting when a bid is made. Any host who wishes to bid on a different week shall require the Executive Boards approval and 2/3 vote from members at the general meeting.

Section 2: Deposit

The host shall be required to make a deposit of $100 for the right to bid as host for the tournament. If successful with a bid, the deposit shall be placed in escrow and applied to proceeds from the tournament. The deposit will be returned to the host after the hosts financial report for the tournament is approved by the FWGAD Board.

Section 3: Registration

The Treasurer shall collect entry fees, including registration fees. He shall turn over monies excluding membership and registration fees to the host prior to the beginning of the tournament.

Section 4: Accounting

The chairperson of the tournament shall provide a full  accounting of all monies collected and spent for the tournament and for any affair held in the name of this association.

Section 5: Revenue

The minimum revenue the FWGAD collects from membership due is $750. If the revenue goes below $750, the host shall be responsible to pay the difference to reach the $750 threshold.

Section 6: Rights of the Association

The association reserves the right to conduct any activity on any one day during the tournament for the purpose of fund-raising.

Section 7: Guidelines

The host shall follow the guidelines for making the tournament possible and successful. A copy of guidelines shall be attached to the bylaws upon the request of the host.

Article XV - Divisions, Flights, Handicaps, and Prizes

Section 1: Divisions

There shall be Open Division; Senior Division; Super Senior Division and; Women Division. Open Division is open to any member. Senior Division is open to any member aged 60 or older at the date the tournament begins. Super Senior Division is open to any member aged 70 or older at the date the tournament begins. The Women Division is open to any female member.

Section 2: Flights

Each division may set up flights in accordance to the number of  golfers in each division. Each flight may have up to 10 golfers. If there is more than one  flight, the first flight shall be called Championship Flight.

Section 3: Tie Breaker

If there is a tie between contestants from Championship Flight in any division, then a sudden death playoff shall commence as soon as possible. The 1st place winner of the sudden death playoff shall win the grand prize. For all other golfers, if the result of two or more golfers is tied, then the cash prizes shall combine and split equally.

Section 4: Awards

Winner from each division shall receive a trophy, plaque, or medallion.

Section 5: Handicaps

Handicap shall be included as part of the tournament. Golfers are required to submit handicap by using one of the following methods:

a. Deaf golf club or league – Requires proof from clubs handicappers.
b. Regional (MDGA, SEDGA, SWDGA) deaf golf tournaments – Requires  proof from regionals handicapper.
c. Local golf clubs – Requires proof from local clubs.

All proofs shall be sent to FWGAD Handicapper.

If a golfer who does not have handicap from any of above, the golfer shall play gross only. After the first tournament, the handicap will be established for the following years  tournament. 

Section 6: Prizes

    1. The cash prize of $50 each golfer paid shall be used for a total of three rounds (2 rounds for Super Senior) golf scores.
    2. The first 2 rounds of tournament the host shall be responsible for the fundraising of at least $2000 for cash prize payout.

The formula and breakdown of cash prize payout shall be defined under Appendix D, Cash Prize - Guideline.

Article XVI - Hall of Fame

1. Purpose

The purpose of the FWGAD Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor those golfers and golf leaders who have established outstanding records as participants in FWGAD Tournament and/or have contributed exceptional services to the FWGAD.

2. Composition

The Hall of Fame Committee shall consist of a Chairperson selected by the President, FWGAD officers (4) and qualified Hall of Fame members. For a Hall of Famer to be qualified to serve on the HOF Committee, he or she must participate in, at least one FWGAD tournament, in the last two years. The Chairperson shall serve his position as long as he desires. However, the President shall use his authority to terminate the Chairpersons term, if he deems it necessary, and appoint a new Chairperson.

3. Nominations and Procedures

The chairperson shall mail or email out nomination  forms to members of the committee three months prior to each tournament. Balloting  will be finalized one month prior to the tournament. The voting by the committee shall  be on a five-three-one (5-3-1) basis, with the first preference receiving five (5) votes, second preference three (3) votes and third preference one (1) vote. Those candidates receiving a majority of votes shall be declared elected into the Hall of  Fame. No more than three (3) persons shall be inducted every year. Definition of majority means 65% of total points possible.

4. Voting

Hall of Fame Committee shall vote their choices from the list of eligible Hall of Fame candidates and shall have one vote during the election process.

5. Eligibility

a. A candidate for the Hall of Fame must enter at least ten (10) tournaments and accumulate sixty (60) points to be eligible for nomination to the Hall of Fame.
b. The Committee may waive this requirement for exceptional candidates whose names may be placed on the ballot by voting unanimously of the Committee.

6. Point System

Points shall be awarded as follows:

(a) Tournament Participant* 2 points
(b) Open Division Champion 10 points
(c) Open Division Runner-Up 5 points
(d) Seniors Division Champion 5 points
(e) Super Seniors Division Champion 5 points
(f) Flight Champion (each division) 5 points
(g) Played in Championship Flight (each division) 1 point
(h) Medalist Winner lowest round of the tournament, any division 3 points
(i) Tournament Chair 10 points; if Co-Chair 5 points
(j) Tournament Committee Member 3 points
(k) FWGAD President (per term) 5 points
(l) FWGAD Vice President (per term) 5 points
(m) Secretary/Treasurer (per term) 5 points
(n) Media Director (per term) 5 points
(o) Handicap Chairperson 3 points
(p) FWGAD Committee Members (non-officers) 3 points

*To win officially, the participant needs to present, compete, and participate completely in the tournament, as scheduled.

7. Recognition

The inductee who is selected to the Hall of Fame shall be honored during the banquet. At the banquet, the inductee will receive a plaque and the program book will include the picture and description of the inductees accomplishments.

8. Reporting

The Hall of Fame Chairman shall report to the members of the FWGAD at the annual meeting regarding ongoing activities from the Committee.

Article XVII - Dissolution

The Association may be dissolved only upon adoption of a plan of dissolution and  distribution.

Article XVIII - Parliamentary Authority

The most recent edition of Roberts Rules of Order shall serve as the Parliamentary Authority for the organization.