1. The name of this organization shall be the Far West Golf Association of the Deaf (FWGAD).  FWGAD shall be a non-profit organization.



  1. The aims of this association shall be: (A) to encourage deaf adults to play more and better golf; (B) to have an annual tournament for the membership in the states west of the Continental Divide. (C) To provide the membership a forum for socialization, sharing ideas and activities to benefit the deaf community as a whole.



  1. Membership is open to all deaf men and women. Members under the age of 18 are not eligible to win prize money.
  2. Hearing people, such as CODAs or those who have a long-term connection to the Deaf community may participate in the tournaments but are not eligible to win prize money or trophies.



  1. The entry fee shall include: membership fee ($15), registration fee ($10), prize fees ($50), course (and cart) fees, also a program book and banquet fee.
  2. FWGAD Officers shall directly be reimbursed for $100 by FWGAD.
  3. If members paid entry fees to participate in the annual tournament and find they cannot attend, a refund might be possible if the Host Committee is not bound by contractual agreement with the golf course or caterer. Membership and registration fees will not be refunded.
  4. If any member withdraws or is disqualified during the tournament, he/she is ineligible to receive any prizes, except those that were given previously.



  1. A President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and Media Director shall be elected to two-year terms. Elections for President and Secretary/Treasurer shall be on even numbered years. The Vice President and Media Director shall be on odd numbered years.
  2. The Chairman of the last and current year’s FWGAD annual tournament shall be the fifth and sixth member of the Executive Board.
  3. Expenses for the Executive Board shall be reimbursed from the FWGAD treasury for meetings and other activities as deemed necessary.



  1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association, shall be the conduit for all business or contacts with outside agencies, shall be in charge of the By-laws with the concurrence or the membership and/or Executive Board, shall appoint all committees, shall be the person in charge adjudicating tournament rules conflicts and shall be responsible for maintaining the History of FWGAD. The President shall also be responsible to publishing the annual scores and FWGAD newsletter within 30 days after the banquet.
  2. The Vice President shall also be the FWGAD Tournament Director responsible for maintaining all tournament records; shall be in charge of grouping foursomes for tournament play on the 2nd and 3rd days; shall be responsible for determining prize money with the assistance of other officers and the Host Committee; shall be responsible for the official score keeping during the tournament
  3. The Secretary/Treasurer collecting dues and keep track of receipts and expenditures; make the annual financial report, audited by two members (to be selected by the President) at the annual meeting: Shall also keep the minutes of each meeting and shall work with the President to maintain the FWGAD Hall of Fame.
  4. The Media Director shall serve as the Association webmaster keep an up-to-date list of members work with the Host Committee to be sure all information for current tournament can be found on the web-site.
  5. In the event that an officer is unable or unwilling to fulfill their duties then the President shall appoint someone to temporarily take their place until the next FWGAD meeting when a person can be voted on. If it is the President then the Vice President shall temporarily fill that place until the next FWGAD meeting. Any officer may be removed from their position by a majority vote of members present at the FWGAD meeting.
  6. A general business meeting shall be held during the annual tournament. The President, when necessary, may call meetings of the Executive Board. Voting by email by the Executive Board shall be permitted.
  7. Other duties to this section may be assigned to the officers by the membership at its annual meeting.



  1. Amendment(s) to the Bylaws shall be made by two-thirds vote of members at the annual meeting. All changes in the Bylaws take effect when passed unless agreed that the change goes into effect the next year. Members may propose changes in the Bylaws for discussion at the annual meeting.
  2. The standing rules of the Annual Tournament will be listed in Article IX. Changes made in the standing rules shall become effective immediately unless agreed upon that the change goes into effect next year. Changes in Article IX become effective by simple majority vote of the members present at the annual meeting.




  1. A club that wants to bid for the annual tournament must post a one-hundred dollar ($100 USD) cash deposit. The deposit will be refunded after the FWGAD receipt of the financial statement.
  2. The bid for the tournament must be made two years in advance. To win the bid, two or more members from the host region must be present at the meeting.
  3. The duties of the Host Committee are to arrange for the time and place; the amount of the entry fee; secure trophies and other awards as mandated by the Bylaws and cash prizes; and arrange for a program of events such as banquets and make pairings for the first day of the tournament. The entry fee must include membership dues, prize fee, green fees, banquet fee, and a registration fee.  Approval from the Executive Board must be secured prior to official announcement of the tournament flyer. Copies of all contracts shall be sent to each of the Directors as soon as possible.
  4. The Host Committee shall be responsible for sending announcements and flyers advertising the tournament to the Media Director to be posted on the FWGAD website. Entry fees shall be sent to the Host Committee Chairman or Treasurer.
  5. At the end of the tournament, the Host Committee Chairman shall make an audited financial report.  Any net profit shall be split 75-25 % between the host club and the FWGAD, respectively. The report shall be made no later than 60 days after the conclusion of the tournament.




  1. Administration of play during the annual tournament shall be under the jurisdiction of the Executive Board and two members of the Host Committee. The Committee shall consult the course professional when unsure about rules or procedures. Appeals to the committee must be made before prizes and trophies are awarded. All decisions made by the committee shall be final.


  1. The annual tournament shall be on a regulation course, or courses. The default tee placement shall be the middle (white) tees for the men and the forward (red) tees for the women; however, the Host Committee may opt for a selection change of the tee areas.
  2. The annual tournament shall be held on weekdays; date and time subject to membership approval. The tournament shall be played in a 54-hole format.


  1. There shall be 3 different flights. Flight 1 is the “Open Flight”, open to any member regardless of age. Flight 2 is “Senior Flight”, open to any member aged 60 or older at the date the tournament begins. Flight 3 is “Super Senior Flight”, open to any member aged 70 or older at the date the tournament begins. No handicap system will be used during the tournament. At any time, FWGAD shall not require any eligible senior golfer to participate in the Seniors or Super Senior Division
  2. Champions of each flight shall receive a trophy. Awards for second or third place winners may be awarded by discretion of the host committee.
  3. If there is a tie between contestants for “Open Flight” Championship, then a sudden death playoff shall commence as soon as possible. The winner of the sudden death playoff shall win the prize to be awarded. Ties for other flights will be broken by the matching scorecard procedure (Western rule-based on scorecard handicap). No playoffs will be necessary for the other flights.
  4. Prize money for each flight shall be determined by the number of entrants in each flight. Only the money from each entrant shall go to that flight. If there are 10 or more entrants in a flight then it shall be divided into A and B groups with equal number of entrants in each group. If the number is odd then the higher number will go to the A group. If there is an A and B division then the 60% of the prize money shall go to the A group and 40% of the money to the B group. (I would really like to do away with this by changing to Handicap System) If there is a tie between contestants for cash awards the cash prize shall be evenly split. No playoff will be necessary.
  5. The Host Committee may add to the total purse from its fund-raising activities or the Host Committee may designate other flights with income earned from such activities.
  6. The FWGAD Vice President/Tournament Director shall work with the host committee to appoint a Chairperson for the Seniors Division with intent to give the appointee time to get all necessary materials ready and choose assistants, if needed, before the tournament.
  7. Each foursome will be responsible for checking and monitoring compliance with the rules. If there is any question about the rules, play a provisional ball for that hole and bring it up with the Rules Committee. The Rules Committee will decide which score to award you. To quicken play “ready golf “is in effect, stroke the ball when you are ready. Let “short” hitters hit first. On the putting green, use continuous putting whenever possible.
  8. FWGAD shall sponsor a putting contest AND contribute $50.00 for this contest. Any additional money added to the contest is up to the Host Committee.
  9. FWGAD will contribute $50.00 for the last day closest-to-the-pin contest.


All rules and conditions of play will adhere to the USGA Rules Book with the following exceptions:

  1. Local Rules: Look at the scorecard for local rules.
  2. Lost Balls and Out of Bounds: when you arrive at the site you believe your ball landed and it is out of bounds, or lost, drop a ball near where you believe the ball crossed the out of bounds boundary or lost and drop a ball; add a penalty of one (1) stroke for either out of bounds or lost. (This rule is used to save time.) The same rule applies for a shot that is “unplayable”.
  3. Signing Incorrect Scorecards: If you sign a card with a score that is higher than you played, the score shall stand. If you signed a card that is lower than you played, instead of disqualification, as is stipulated in the USGA Rules, a two-stroke penalty shall be added to the actual score.
  4. Course Playability: Lift, Clean, and Place procedure (Winter rules) shall be in effect during FWGAD Tournaments.
  5. The use of GPS and rangefinder devices, as specified by the USGA, shall be permitted during tournament play.
  6. To save time, in case of excessive strokes for a hole, the double par plus a stroke penalty procedure will be utilized; for a Par 3, no more than 7 strokes shall be marked; for a Par 4, 9 strokes; for a Par 5, 11 strokes. Since a player fails to hole out on that particular hole, he/she shall mark 4 putts and pick up the ball and go to the next hole.
  7. To make the FWGAD experience enjoyable and rewarding for everyone we require all members to adhere to a set of guidelines known as the “Player Code of Conduct”. The “Player Code of Conduct” is to be followed throughout the tournament experience.


  1. The FWGAD takes great pride in the quality of its players, host facilities, and broad community involvement at each tournament. In order to continue making the FWGAD experience enjoyable and rewarding for everyone, all members are required to adhere to a set of guidelines known as the “Player Code of Conduct”. The purpose is to help FWGAD participants grow and mature by understanding and accepting the consequences of their actions. The “Player Code of Conduct” is to be followed throughout the member’s membership.
  2. The FWGAD reserves the right to decline or withdraw any entry at any time. Any person whose entry is accepted shall be subject to the rules and conditions of play set forth by the FWGAD. The reason for rejection of entry may include, but is not limited to, unbecoming conduct (see below for on-course/off-course behavior). By entering an FWGAD-administered event, all participants agree that there are certain risks inherent in the game of golf and accept personal and sole liability for all such risks, including, but not limited to, any health-related risks.


  1. It is the intent of the FWGAD to acknowledge each player’s individuality. However, tournament players must wear proper golf attire while at the golf facility. Shirts must be of appropriate golf style. No tank tops or t-shirts. The FWGAD board reserves the right to determine the acceptability of all golf attire worn while in competition. If a player is found to be in violation of the aforementioned policies, the FWGAD board may request the player to remedy the infraction prior to competing. If the player is unable to come into compliance with the dress code policy, he/she may be asked to leave the tournament and subsequently be disqualified from competition.


  1. Abusive or inappropriate language; disrespectful behaviors towards members/participants, officials, volunteers or golf professionals; throwing or breaking golf equipment; any form of cheating; leaving the golf course without properly notifying an official during a tournament round; and abuse of the golf course in any way will be considered Code of Conduct violations. Offenses/violations may result in automatic disqualification from the tournament and possible suspensions from future events.


  1. Any abusive language, vandalism of any kind at the host hotel or golf facility, history of any other conduct unbecoming of a FWGAD member, is a violation of the Code of Conduct. Violation may bring a letter of warning to the player, a disqualification from FWGAD tournament(s), and/or a disqualification from future events and/or suspension from all future events.


  1. When a compliant/violation is made known to the President or Tournament Director, the procedures for dealing the issue shall be:
    1. Assemble the Board, host chairman, the person making the complaint and the person being accused.
    2. The compliant will describe the nature of the issue.
    3. The accused will present his side of the argument.
    4. The Board and host chairman will make the determination and impose the appropriate consequence.
    5. The secretary will document the nature of the violation and the determination of the consequence for the FWGAD files.