51st FWGAD General Meeting Minutes

June 29, 2021
Casablanca Resort
Mesquite, NV

Meeting is called to order at 3:13pm by President Toriano Watson.

Quorum- 57 members. Requires 29 members to start the meeting. 30 members were present. General meeting commenced.

President Tory Watson introduced golfers who are playing at FWGAD for the first time.

Minutes from 2019 General Meeting- approved with one correction. Recognition of best putter is removed as part of tournament awards.

President's report. - Tory commented about no FWGAD Tournament since 2019 due to the pandemic. Focus will be on By-Laws for this year.

Vice President's report - Jose updated the members about tournaments in 2023, 2024, and 2025. AZDGA will host in 2023. Colorado for 2024. PNWDGA for 2025.

Secretary/Treasurer's report - Farley updated the members of the financial report of 2019 and 2020. Approved with recommendation the financial reports be audited every fiscal year prior to the general meeting.

Director of Media- No report.

Old Business- None

New business

#1 Ron Rhodes proposed a super senior group to meet and discuss the format for 2022 FWGAD Tournament and recommended it to the Executive Board for final approval. Lyle Hinks seconded. Passed.

#2 Ismael Briseno proposed the Close to Pin prize donated by FWGAD to be increased from $50 to $100, starting in next year's tournament. Seconded by Mike Grammer. Passed.

#3 Ron Rhodes proposed that FWGAD donate $200 for any golfer who hit hole in one during the tournament, starting today. Lyle Hinks seconded. Passed.

#4 Farley Warshaw proposed FWGAD suspend By-laws, Article 10, Section 4 until further notice. Mitch Phillips seconded. Passed.

#5 Farley Warshaw proposed the following sections to be incorporated, to be replaced, or to be updated in the current Far West Deaf Golf Association's By- laws. In principle, the new version of By-Laws shall be effective at the time 52nd FWGAD Tournament begins, subject to final approval from the members at special General Meeting on the day before the tournament begins. Seconded by Michael Finneran. Passed. Sections are: Cash Prize, Affiliation, Handicap System, Council of Representatives, Board Composition, Non-profit Status, Super Senior Division, Updating By-Laws.


Joan McCowin nominated Toriano Watson as President. Seconded. Toriano accepted. Moved to vote by acclamation. Passed. Farley Warshaw cast a vote. Toriano Watson is elected as President.

Ron Heinrich nominated Jose Sermeno as Vice President. Seconded. Jose accepted. Moved to vote by acclamation. Passed. Tory cast a vote. Jose Sermeno is elected as Vice President.

Ron Rhodes nominated Farley Warshaw as Secretary and Treasurer. Seconded. Farley accepted. Moved to vote by acclamation. Passed. Tory cast a vote. Farley Warshaw is elected as Secretary/Treasurer.

Dave Trimborn nominated Jeremy Warshaw as Media Director. Seconded. Farley accepted as proxy. Moved to vote by acclamation. Passed. Tory cast a vote. Jeremy Warshaw is elected as Secretary/Treasurer.

Necrology- Added Janice Harris, John Eberwein, and Dan Lynch to the list.

The general meeting is adjourned at 4:30 pm

Respectfully submitted by Farley Warshaw