50th FWGAD General Meeting Minutes

July 22, 2019
Poppy Ridge Country Club
Livermore, CA


President Toriano Watson opened the meeting at 6:15 pm. Quorum was met and the meeting convened.


New members: 35 new members registered for 50th Annual FWGAD Tournament.

ZVRS and Purple Representatives

Jon Hughes
Abe Seltzer


2018 Minutes - Approved as read

Financial Reports

2017 - Approved

2018 - Approved

49th FWGAD Host’s Financial Report (2019) – Approved


Jerry Nichols outlined a list of golfers, who were members of FWGAD, passed away. The names are as follows:

Jerry Berlowitz, Carol Bilone, Walt Bloomquist, Larry Bos, Don Browning, Stephen Demkiw, Herb Deurmyer, Frank Emmer, Jeff Fahlman, Saul Gerverter, John Hill, Bobby Goettsch, Charles Griffith, Janice Harris, Konrad Hokanson, David Jarashow, Gerald Kelly, Gil Lentz, Sr., Earl Lewin, Francis Mog, Gary Mortensen, Joel Motylinski, Richard Pickard, Bill Reineck, James Reineck, Hal Rife, Albert Rozman, Dale Saterlund, Joel Spishak, Gabriel Vertz, Richard Weber, Ernest Whisenant, John Woods, Bill Ash, Greg Brown, Ruby Kearny, Dean Swaim


President’s Report

Vlog was shared and commented about well-organized plan by NCGAD and Chairperson Michael Finneran.

Outlined plan to work on revision of by-laws to be recommended to delegates at 2020 FWGAD Tournament.

Vice-President’s Report

Outlined key points about the tournament and rules.

Secretary/ Treasurer’s Report

Briefed about the 2017 and 2018 financial reports.

Emphasized the goal of revising the by-laws to begin after 2020 FWGAD Tournament.

Media Director’s Report

Updated about design of website.

Nominations for FWGAD Media Director and FWGAD Vice-President

FWGAD Vice-President: Jose Sermeno was nominated. Voted by acclamation.

FWGAD Media Director: Jeremy Warshaw was nominated. Voted by acclamation.

Old Business


New Business

Proposed to support the revision of by-laws as whole and to be submitted to delegates for vote at 2020 FWGAD Tournament in Mesquite, NV. Passed.

2020 FWGAD Tournament Report

Host by Wasatch Golf Association of the Deaf.

Updated with latest information about 2020 FWGAD Tournament to be held at Casa Blanca Golf in Mesquite, NV. Information will be posted in FWGAD’s website.

2021 FWGAD Tournament Report

Host by Pacific Coast Deaf Golf Club.

Tentatively scheduled July 20-22, 2021 at Soboba Springs Golf Course in San Jacinto, CA.

2022 FWGAD Tournament Bid

Arizona Deaf Golf Association agreed to host 2022 FWGAD Tournament in Arizona.

2023 FWGAD Tournament Bid

Colorado agreed to host 2023 FWGAD Tournament in Colorado.

2024 FWGAD Tournament Bid

Pacific Northwest Deaf Golf Association agreed to host 2024 FWGAD Tournament.

50th FWGAD Tournament: Updates and Information

Mike Finneran and Jose Sermeno


7:45 pm by President Toriano Watson.

Respectfully submitted,
Farley Warshaw
FWGAD Secretary/Treasurer