August 5, 2018

Meeting started at 7:15 PM. Host Larry Farovitch introduced his committee and the FWGAD board members.

Salish Cliffs Tournament Director Brad gave a talk about some of the rules at Salish Cliffs and reminded players they can leave their clubs on the carts after golf and the course will take care of them for the next day. Also, that there will be an available shuttle from the main hotel to the course in the mornings.

FWGAD President Ron Rhodes recognized the 4 past members of FWGAD that passed away since the last tournament: Greg Brown, Dean Swaim, Bill Ash, and Rudy Kearny.

FWGAD President Rhodes then introduced the new 9 members for 2018:

Robert Dwier (AZ)
Darren Frazier (WA)
Nick Hunsaker (UT)
Jamie Jackerson (CA)
Patrick McConahay (OR)
Alejandro Neaves (TX)
Michael Sagum (WA)
Ryan Schlecht (TX)
David Smothermon (WA)

President Rhodes gave his report emphasizing simplifying the Bylaws.

Tournament Director Jose Sermeno welcomed everyone to the tournament and explained a few of the needs for this tournament.

Secretary/Treasurer Wally DeVe gave his report on the past Minutes and current FWGAD account. Past minutes were accepted with the change that Jeremy Warshaw was the new Media Director.

President Rhodes thanked Media Director Jeremy Warshaw for all for his hard work in setting up the new website and read Jeremy’s report.

Jeremy Woods, Financial Advisor for Edward Jones, gave a brief presentation.

Old Business:
Lyle Hinks explained our non-profit status and that new forms would be needed. He is in the process of taking care of that. He also explained the safety reason for our incorporation. A motion was made to reimburse Lyle for the $20 needed to file in California and also the $250 needed for Federal filing. Motion was passed and Lyle was thanked for taking care of all of this.

New Business:
Wally DeVe made a motion representing the FWGAD board to donate $1500 to next year’s 50thAnniversary Tournament Committee with the stipulation that the funds be used for items for members that will have the FWGAD logo on them. Motion was seconded by Renwick Dayton and passed.

Lyle Hinks that Byron Cantrell has been on suspension and explained the situation that he should be removed from that and become eligible for FWGAD Hall of Fame. Motion was passed.

Election of new Officers: Tory Watson was elected to the office of FWGAD President and Farley Warshaw was elected to the office of FWGAD Secretary/Treasurer. Congratulations to both.

Host Chairman Larry Farovitch explained that the tournament will follow 3 of the new rules from the 2019 USGA changes. The flagstick can be left in and no penalty for hitting it, 3 minutes for looking for lost balls, ball in bunker may be lifted out with a 1 stroke penalty. Larry also explained about the putting and chipping contest.

50thAnniversary Host Mike Finneran made a presentation about next year’s tournament at Poppy Ridge Golf Course in Livermore, CA. July 23-25. More information will be posted on the website soon.

PNWDGA President Darren Frazier gave a brief presentation about the deaf travel organization he works with, “Hands on Travel” and donated $50 to a close to pin.

Member Rusty Wales shared that he had some old info and program books to give the committee for next year.

Bids for future tournaments: Utah and Southern California both bid for 2020 or 2021. By a vote of the members Utah won the bid for 2020 and Southern California will host 2021.

Washington (PNWDGA) said it was considering 2022.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Submitted by Wally DeVe